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Pendulum seat with chain and tube cableway seat

Pendulum seat with chain and tube cableway seat


Cableway pendulum seat 

Pendulum seat with steel insert, changeable chain and secutity tube. The seat has a non-slip surface, soft sides and a pin saved connection between seat and security tubes. 
Certified by TÜV DIN 1176

Chain length: 2 m, strength: 8 mm
Rubber quality: SBR.BR.
Color: black

<img data-cke-saved-src="images/artikel/RuT/RT7154-1245_Pendelsitz_mit_Kette_und_Schlauch_2.jpg" src="images/artikel/RuT/RT7154-1245_Pendelsitz_mit_Kette_und_Schlauch_2.jpg" alt="Pendelsitz mit Kette und Schlauch fÃÂÂÃÂÃÃ
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